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In case you couldn't tell, we love a good stag or hen weekend: the bonding, the booze and oh, the embarassment. When we're not helping you plan the (second) greatest weekend of your life, we're looking for ideas and dreaming up inspiration to add the perfect finishing touches to your utterly fantastic weekend.

Browse our posts below and remember, if you pinch any of our ideas we definitely need to see pictures!

Wine Tasting - The Best Hen Party Activity Ever?

We ran a poll on our Twitter page to find out your absolute favourite hen party activity and guess who won? Looks like you all love wine as much as we do!

Find out our top 6 reasons why wine tasting will always be the queen of hen parties...

Stag Weekends Abroad On A Budget

Want to give your friend a stag weekend he'll never forget, but running short on funds? We've here to help! We've compiled a list of brilliant stag destinations abroad all for under £100.

Saving you money on the travel, so you can spend it on the beers...

Hen Weekends Abroad On A Budget

A hen weekend is a perfect excuse for a holiday (as if you needed one!) we’ve got the perfect packages for a blow-out weekend with the girls, without having to worry about your wallet.

Make it a holiday you’ll never forget with a price that is simply unforgettable!

Top 10 Hen Themes

Themes are great. We don’t care what anyone says about ‘sophistication’, applying a hen theme to your weekend or evening is a great way of getting your girls to bond with each other – afterall they all look as bad as each other, or in our case, as good as each other!

Our top 10 hen themes list is here to transform your tutu/schoolgirl nightmares into hen do heaven.

Top 10 Stag Themes

Stag weekends are always an awesome time to bond with the boys: no responsibilities, no cameras, no worries! Introducing a theme to your stag is a sure-fire winner, espcially if not all the boys know each other; a silly costume is the ultimate ice-breaker. Now, we’re not suggesting mankinis here and you won’t see a golf sock in sight!

We’ve come up with our Top 10 stag themes to make you and the lads really stand out from the crowd ... in a good way!

The Great British Hen-tox

So you had an amazing, blissful weekend away with your girls. (you can thank us later!) But did you have a bit too good of a time? (we take responsibility for this too..) Never fear lovely brides and bridesmaids, we’ll have you fitting into those dresses again in no time.

Be honest, those chocolate making classes were so worth it though, right!

Top 5 Hangover Cures

Considering all the scientists in the world, would you believe not one of them has figured out the cause of hangovers yet? It's almost like they've got something more important to do with their time...
No-one really knows how booze works in the brain yet, although some claim to be close to figuring it out. But you need answers now!

Well we may not have strictly 'scientific' answers, but we’ve rounded up our favourite hangover cures for your post-stag woes. So close those curtains and get back into bed, we’ve got you covered.

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