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In case you couldn't tell, we love a good stag or hen weekend: the bonding, the booze and oh, the embarassment. When we're not helping you plan the (second) greatest weekend of your life, we're looking for ideas and dreaming up inspiration to add the perfect finishing touches to your utterly fantastic weekend.

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The Great British Hen-tox

So you had an amazing, blissful weekend away with your girls. (you can thank us later!) But did you have a bit too good of a time? (we take responsibility for this too..) Never fear lovely brides and bridesmaids, we’ll have you fitting into those dresses again in no time.

Be honest, those chocolate making classes were so worth it though, right!

1. Be Ruthless

Your hen weekend was amazing, mouthwatering foods, endless fountains of wine – we understand your self-control can not be held responsible for what went on, it was all just too delicious. But it couldn’t last forever and now is the time to say goodbye to the cheese and wine ( for a little while at least )

One of the simplest ways to detox pre-wedding is an elimination diet. For glowing skin and a bangin’ bod, start this one month before the wedding, just in time for getting back from your hen! Cut our refined sugars, dairy, caffeine, booze – leave no stone unturned. It’s time to get serious … obviously only until the wedding day and then you can eat the entire wedding cake..  

2. Hydrate it ‘til You Make it

That title works right? …
Banish the empty calories in fizzy drinks and sugary fruit juices. Post-hen is the time to get serious about hydration. Drink water like it was going out of fashion and swap you morning coffee for a morning green tea, like the zen master that you are.
Staying hydrated not only helps you concentrate, very needed for all that last minute wedding planning, it also: reduces bloat, fuels muscles, controls calorie intake, clears skin, helps transport nutrients in the body.

3. Banish the Bloat

Unless you have a fairytale ballgown to hide all manner of sins, we’re betting you’re looking for a way to flatten that tummy for the big day, and lets face it, spanx are just uncomfy!
Watercress, Lemon, Dark Leafy Greens, Artichokes, Fresh Fruit, Beetroot, Ginger, Garlic, Green Tea and Wholegrains are all amazing for flattening any stubborn pooches.

4. Early to Bed

We know you’ve got a million and one things to do, but you just have to fit more sleep in! It’s the easiest way to get brighter, glowing skin for your big day. You’ve had a weekend of late nights for your amazing hen, so now is the time to catch some serious Zzzzs.
If you think you can just power through, take a look at this terrifying study from the Telegraph on how a lack of sleep can wreck your skin! Skin is important, think of the pictures!

5. Race to the Altar

We know you don't want to hear the E word! But what about E for endorphins? Exercise releases wonderful endorphins which make you happy, that’s why all the dancing you did on your Hen weekend was so much fun! So even if you’re not looking to become an athlete, exercise is a must for becoming the happy (and incredibly toned) princess you want to be on your big day.

And when you’re all detoxed and glowing on your big day, we’d love to see some pictures! Maybe next to a picture from straight after the Hen, nothing better than a good before and after shot! Keep us posted on facebook or twitter!

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