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Top 5 Hangover Cures

Don’t worry lads & ladies, around 77% of drinkers admit to suffering from hangovers – the other 23% are just liars..

Considerings all the scientists in the world, would you believe not one of them has figured out the cause of hangovers yet? It's almost like they've got something more important to do with their time...
No-one really knows how booze works in the brain yet, although some claim to be close to figuring it out. But you need answers now!

Well we may not have strictly 'scientific' answers, but we’ve rounded up our favourite hangover cures for your post-stag woes. So close those curtains and get back into bed, we’ve got you covered.

1. Just Sleep

Well that was easy, job done.
But seriously, black out any light, swear everyone around to silence and try to drift back off to sleep, through all the shaking and dry heaves. Sleep is still the ultimate hangover cure, at least until the scientists pull their fingers out..  

2. Carbs Galore

If you just can’t sleep, it’s time for our favourite phase of hangover. Carbo-loading … without the exercise. Carbs are proven to restore the depleted sugar levels that exasperate a hangover.
The science bit - a hangover is a combined lack of hydration and not having enough blood sugar, so the best hangover cures are the ones that contain glucose. Carbohydrates are brilliant in this respect, so there you go, you've got a green card to eat all the carbs!
Always, always plan ahead and make sure you have something in the house, you don’t want to be having to move more than you absolutely need to. Pizza, pasta, nachos…. basically anything you crave when you’re smashed is exactly what you need hungover so listen to your body … except for a kebab, nobody needs that…

3. Victory Vitamins

Vitamin C is a hangover essential; whether you down a Berocca or dunk some lemon into your coke, get some in you! Tomatoes are a hangover double whammy, not only are they high in vitamin C, but they also contain glutathione – the thing your body produces to counter hangover-incuding toxins.
So that’s why you’re supposed to drink Bloody Marys! And here we were thinking it was all about the vodka…

4. Right Pear

This one might surprise you, but according to the Australian Government, pears are the cure for a hangover ... yup, pears!
CISRO, the aussies scientific research organisation, claims the severity of hangover is reduced by about 21% if you drink pear juice before a big night out. So, maybe this is one to try the night before the stag...more of a prevention than a cure, but we're definitely going to test this one out!

5. Night to Remember

There is some research to suggest that feeling guilty or negative about drinking or the night before, actually increases the likelihood of a hangover. So be good guys! Either don’t do anything naughty, or just don’t feel guilty about it! We’ll leave this one up to your moral compass...

How are you feeling after your stag or hen weekend? Keep us posted on facebook or twitter and if anyone tries the pear cure, we'd love to hear your results!

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