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In case you couldn't tell, we love a good stag or hen weekend: the bonding, the booze and oh, the embarassment. When we're not helping you plan the (second) greatest weekend of your life, we're looking for ideas and dreaming up inspiration to add the perfect finishing touches to your utterly fantastic weekend.

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Top 10 Hen Themes

Themes are great. We don’t care what anyone says about ‘sophistication’, applying a Hen theme to your weekend or evening is a great way of getting your girls to bond with each other – afterall they all look as bad as each other, or in our case, as good as each other.

Our top 10 Hen themes list is here to transform your tutu/schoolgirl nightmares into hen do heaven.

1. Who’s the bride?

It’s not your special day just yet, so get all the girls to dress up in white, put flowers in your hair or polish up your finest tiara – your goal for the night is to find everyone a ‘groom’ who agrees to ‘marry them’. Don’t forget the confetti!  

2. Tourist Trap

It’s time to dig out those bun bags and baseball caps, you’re about to be the worst kind of tourists for the day. Give the bride a list of tourist objects (foam hand, I heart – tshirt etc) she must collect by the end of the Hen … without spending a dime.

3. French Fancy

Everyone owns a stripy top, right? This is the very reason why! Dress up with French flair: neckerchiefs & berets galore. Don’t forget to keep fondant fancies and macarons on hand at all times. Bonus points if you play ‘kiss the frog’ – the group each get a toy frog & whoever scores their frog the most kisses from strangers by the end of the night, wins! What they win is up to you, but obviously we recommend champagne…

4. The Good Wife

Poke a little fun at the new wife-to-be by dressing up as 1950’s housewives; aprons, headscarves and red lippy – this costume theme is surprisingly easy and brilliant if she’s a retro fan.

5. Pageant Queens  

For ladies who like to go all out, why not put on your very own Miss World. Each girl has to dress up to represent a different country. Ask strangers to vote for the best dressed throughout the night (keeping a tally) and whoever has the most votes at the end wins a massive tiara and a sash – the only hen sash you will see on this list!

6. Paradise Found

A perfect summer Hen theme, pick out your floatiest dresses, find some flower lays and be total beach bums – wherever you are! Bonus points if you take hollowed out coconuts with you and convince every bartender to serve your drinks in them.

7. Pillage & Party

Women were pretty powerful in the Viking Era, known as shield maidens they were just as badass as the boys. And we think that’s still true today, right ladies?! If you’ve got a history loving hen or a gorgeous geek on your hands this is the perfect theme. Whatever you decide to wear, pile on the faux fur & braid your hair like there’s no tomorrow! Oh and obviously as your fearsome leader, the Bride-to-be has to wear that embarrassing two horn hat.

8. You’re all winners!

If there’s one thing we love, it’s going a little OTT. If your girls love to dress up, we have just the theme for you - The Oscars. You have to dress in floor length gowns, dripping with jewels, hair and makeup on point. Everywhere you go, you must roll out a mini red carpet to walk into the venue; whether it’s a club or just a newsagents. Oh and of course you have to make mini Oscars to award each of the girls. Think up some fun categories, like: ‘Best Drinker’, ‘Outstanding Contribution to Dance’ and of course, ‘Lifetime achievement award – Getting Married!’ for the lovely bride-to-be.   

9. Time to Shine

Or more precisely, time to glitter. This theme we love! Glitter everything. Your dresses must sparkle, face glitter, body glitter, glitter confetti to leave a trail everywhere you go; you’re pretty much shooting stars. You can even bring edible glitter to pour in your drinks, the list is endless! The glitter theme looks great in pictures, why not bring sparklers for that extra something special and snap a momento that you’ll cherish for ever.

10. Keep it Classic

A great Hen theme for girls that aren’t big on dressing up, but understand a thing or two about female bonding. The LBD Hen. Everyone has a little black dress and this is its time to shine. A classic girls night out, but this one you’ll remember forever!

Whatever theme you pick, we’d love to see pictures! Especially if it’s one of ours, tweet us or hit us up on facebook!

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