Fantastic Activities

Gone are the days of celebrating your last night of freedom down the local bar.
You want different, you want unforgettable, you want something absolutely bloody fantastic & we have an amazing range of daytime and evening activities to suit every taste. From Champagne Tasting to Tank Driving - there's really nothing we don't do!

Life Drawing

Remember at school, drawing apples and bananas in a bowl? This is sort of like that, but with a different kind of low hanging fruit to get your pencil round.

If you're the kind of girls or guys that love to have a giggle, then this is the perfect activity for you!

Rubbers at the ready...

Nude life drawing is a brilliant way to have a laugh, a chat & a cheeky drink all whilst channelling your inner Van Gough ... even if it ends up looking more like a Picasso...

This activity is for all skill levels, you don't have to have an artistic bone in your body, in fact it's probably funnier if you don't! Judge each others masterpieces & you might even be tempted to give the loser a forfeit, we love a good forfeit.
Bonus points if you come dressed in artist smocks and Dali moustaches.

*details for our activities can vary by venue, just ask your party planner for more info!
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Create your Own!

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