Fantastic Activities

Gone are the days of celebrating your last night of freedom down the local bar.
You want different, you want unforgettable, you want something absolutely bloody fantastic & we have an amazing range of daytime and evening activities to suit every taste. From Champagne Tasting to Tank Driving - there's really nothing we don't do!

Wine Tasting

Want to learn your merlot from your malbec? We’ve tracked down the best wine experts in the country to teach you everything you need to know about the grape.
Whether you like to judge a bottle by it's flavour or it's label, we're here to make you into a mini connoisseur for the day!

I'm getting strong notes of fun...

This activity is one of our most popular for a good reason and that reason is wine. Did you need any more convincing?

Our fantastic, two hour wine tasting class offers you the chance to sample seven different wines and a lovely Champagne. Your very own wine connoisseur will guide you through all the tasting notes to watch out for and right noises to make. Although if in doubt just remember our simple trick - swirl, smell & smile!
We will warn you though, at some point the blindfold will come out ... for blind taste testing of course!

Whatever the range of your group, from sisters to grannies, wine tasting is a real crowd pleaser. You can even use your new-found knowledge on your night out later, you'll have to bring your own blindfold though!

*details for our activities can vary by venue, just ask your party planner for more info!
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Create your Own!

Fantastic Weekends offers the best in Hen weekends and Stag weekends anywhere in the UK and abroad. We have over ten years experience in providing fantastic, ready-made and bespoke hen weekends and stag weekends. No matter where you want to go or what you want to do, we make it easy for you!